Welcome to BigBlueButton!

This is the central BBB Server Instance of the Computer Science Dept. and the B-IT. Please login/register via the buttons above.

Please consult our FAQ before contacting IT support with further questions:

  • If you are a student: please be advised that you do not need an account here. the teaching staff will advise you how to connect to BBB sessions. You only need to login here if you want to host a video conference.
  • Please use this system only for study- or work-related tasks. As the resources of this server are limited, these tasks must have priority as long as we are all depending on digital communications. Please refrain from using this service for private reasons.
  • If you record conferences, the system need quite some time to process the recording. Only after this processing has been completed will the recordings appear at the bottom of the room overview, in which you made the recording. This processing can take a few minutes to several hours, depending on the current use of the system and the length / scope of your recording.
  • Use your computer science ID to log into the server (without specifying a domain, just username / password). Conference participants only get a link and an optional access code for the conference, only the conference creator has to log in.
  • If you cannot apply for an IT account, please use the register button at the top right to register with an email address that comes from the DNS domain of the Univ. Bonn or one of the partner institutions affiliated with the Institute for Computer Science. All unknown or external accounts are removed automatically and without further warning.

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